Make your way through a cyberpunk city and collect different upgrade parts for your pistol to change your shots and face a rival mob.

DIMMER features an all new dynamic cover mechanic, where you can heal, reload or change your weapons quickly to face your enemies.


WASD - Move

SPACE (near alleyways and cars) - Enter cover mode
R - Manual reload

Left Click - Shoot
Right Click - Blade attack

- When in cover mode, you can change weapon parts, reload your current weapon or heal yourself with medkits
- You have a time limit when you're in cover and you will be forced out of it when the timer ends. Use it wisely!
- You can reload significantly  faster when you are taking cover

Created under 2 weeks for My First Game Jam: Summer 2020

Programming: Kyota Poëti
Game Design: Kayo Torres & Vijay Kumar
Art, UI & Animation: Kayo Torres
SFX: Dominic Tory & Marisa Torres
Music: Dominic Tory & Guilherme Calzado

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsKyota.exe, altrdom, DisplayVj, Kayonji
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Neon


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Really cool game with really cool atmosphere! I'm a sucker for the slick cyberpunk aesthetic, it's so good. The sound effects and animations are really good. The only things I would change are 

  • Giving more feedback (mainly adding visual feedback) when the player hits a target or gets hit
  • Adding a spawn-in animation for enemies so that their appearance isn't such a surprise
  • making the bullets slightly more visible

Other than that, very exciting game, I would be excited to see added features like maybe a dash or a roll or some other movement mechanic to spice up the game. And maybe more environmental stuff like explosives you can shoot or robots you can hack to get them on your side or something. Love  this game!

Thank you for your feedback :)


Awesome game! The art and music go really well together, and the going undercover mechanic is really interesting! The UI is really good lookin too! It's cool that the tutorial is done while following the game's aesthetic, but it never tells you how to do melee attacks or that you can go under cover near cars, which would have been good to know. The bullets are a little hard to see too, and it would have been nice to have some kind of visible blockade stopping you from exiting somewhere until you cleared all the enemies there rather than just an invisible wall, but other than those things, it's really well done, and lots of fun! I really like the faced paced nature of it and how you tied in the cover mechanic to give players a bit of a break.

Thanks for playing our game!
We'll consider implementing the changes you suggested :)